Historic Dade-Commonwealth Hotel
The 91-year-old Dade-Commonwealth Building located in downtown Miami was originally constructed as a 17 story branch of Meyer-Kiser Bank (in 1925). Following severe hurricane damage in 1926, the building was reconstructed to only 7 stories. The current building’s owners want to restore and reconstruct the building back to its original 17 story height keeping the historic front portion of the façade, demolishing the rear of the building and completely reconstructing it to a full 17 stories in height. Selective interior plaster detail including the lobby and banking area ceiling and other select historic interior artifact plan to be salvaged, restored and incorporated into the new structure. The exterior staircase would be removed and replaced with new staircases and interior elevators.

The redesigned Dade-Commonwealth Building totals 98,574 square feet with 169 hotel rooms, a restaurant on the ground floor, a pool deck on the top floor, and a second floor featuring meeting space, a fitness center and a bar/lounge.

R.J. Heisenbottle Architects and was commissioned for Architectural and Historic Preservation Consulting Services for the proposed adaptive reuse of the historic Commonwealth Building as a 17s tory limited service hotel.

The building is designated as historic by the City of Miami and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.